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or celiac… or just gluten free… I want to follow all of you :)

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The man who is now my fiance made a video of the two of us with this song in the background. I played it……. after it finished he was kneeling at the front door with an engagement ring…….

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OMG! My sugar cravings are through the roof tonight. I want chocolate so bad although I know that it is because of my health problems and the fact that they are getting better!

So I am going to hold off and go and have a glass of sparkling mineral water and a squeeze of water!

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So I cheated the other night. I was doing so well and really didn’t want to, I had a dinner to go to with my fiance with his work and before I could stop myself I had a wine in my hand. Once the wine was in my hand the rest was all down hill from there. To make matters worse, I was so sluggish and tired on Friday that I forgot to pack lunch and so had a packet of chips and a cookie for lunch. Then when I got home I had a double down, then threw it all back up about half an hour later (wasn’t my choice) my body had rejected all that food. I then felt sick for the rest of the night.

Saturday morning was back to normal, although I didn’t eat breakfast as I was still not 100%, I had a salad for lunch and felt a lot better. Cheat days just are not worth it!

I will start Whole30 again when I get back from holiday in June. It is now less than 30 days until my holiday so while I am continuing to be paleo, I cannot commit to Whole30 while on a tropical island surrounded by cocktails!

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Live by this. 


Live by this. 

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